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5 Must Have Silver Jewellery Pieces

Silver jewellery is so in these days like it’s literally all you see these days. And honestly, why not! It goes with anything and everything in your closet. And if it doesn’t well then change the way you style it, and now it does! That’s exactly how we fell in love with this amazing trend and brought the Zilvercraft store for Silver Jewelry Online India. Today, we are here to discuss the absolute must-have jewellery pieces that can be styled with almost any kind of look.

  • Basic Necklace

A basic necklace or a choker kind of necklace is unarguably the most versatile piece one could ask for. You can pair it with a kurta, ethnic one-piece, top or even blazer. Be it formal or traditional, casual or dressy. This kind of piece would literally amp up your outfit in minutes. Also, you can easily create a statement piece by staking up a couple of necklaces and giving it a whole new level of spice. A basic silver necklace is one thing you’ll never regret spending on.

Silver Jewelry Online India

  • Jhumkas

Who doesn’t absolutely adore Jhumkas? Anyways, we think silver earrings for girls is one thing that takes basic to desirable in seconds. Pair it for Boho or formal look, with a saree or kurta to elevate your look and see how many heads you turn every time you enter a room. A pair of Jhumka can easily be used for a statement look with the right kind of pairing. A total must buy and can easily find it in your nearby market or any silver jewellery store.

  • Pendant

When you are minimalist or don’t do dressy looks as often as the next influencer or fashionista, well this has to be your go-to. A pendant with a tribal design on it or maybe some colourful and playful feel with it, is literally all you need to differentiate a normal day street look to a more personalized style statement. You can literally find a pendant that matches your vibe easily and use it with a lehenga, kurta, saree or even a top or crop top. It absolutely goes with anything.

  • Nose Pin

A nose pin is probably one thing that is so small and yet makes so much difference to your look. Human to a goddess in a move. You don’t even need to get the piercing done, most of the available silver jewellery online these days are the non-piercing ones, just press and wear it. Pair it with a saree, kurta, lehenga, blazer or tops for a boho or festive look.

  • Minimal Rings

Finally, rings! Well, we girls are all crazy about rings, are we not? One of the most amazing things about rings is it gives a graceful touch to your hands almost instantly. Minimal silver rings can help you be confident yet graceful for office or classy looks and you can also stack up a couple of them to amplify it into a statement look in next to no effort. You can even go for statement jewellery if you feel strongly towards it but you definitely need to get your hands on those pretty babies.

Zilevrcaft store has an excellent collection of silver jewelry online India, whether it’s Pendants, necklaces, or silver earrings for girls, we have it all. A total one-stop-shop for anything and everything silver. 


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