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7 Reasons To Choose Silver Pendant Over Gold

The history of Gold and Silver goes way back to 3000 B.C. The evidence has found the use of Gold as jewellery even in 3000 B.C. in Iraq and 4000 B.C. in Western Europe. The standard of sterling silver dates back to the 13th century.

These precious metals are used to enhance beauty in the form of various jewellery pieces even today in the era when people opt for Silver Jewellery Shopping Online on various trusted sites.

Today it takes seconds to shop Pure Silver Pendants Online at the time of your convenience and get it delivered to your doorstep.

It is surely the sole preference of the people to opt between the silver pendants or Gold. But Silver has a lot more to offer than gold jewellery pieces like pendants.

Here are seven reasons to opt for silver pendants over Gold.

1.   Inexpensive

Though it is categorised as a precious metal, the price of Silver is comparatively less than Gold. This provides an opportunity to buy the precious pendant even if you have a low budget. This is why it is said that Gold maybe for some, but Silver is for all!

2.   Available In Exquisite Designs

The pendants in Gold do not have precise and minute details as it has in Silver. Silver is highly ductile and malleable, which enables the jeweller to design those exceptionally fine pendants.

Pure Silver Pendants

3.   Durable

The high resilience of the Silver makes it hard to destroy or damage. This provides strength to Silver, and they buy the reason for the silver durability. If you are looking forward to providing heirloom jewellery to the ladies of your family, a silver pendant is the best option.  

4.   Added Health benefits

In old times even when medical knowledge was limited to traditional benefits, the babies were only fed with a silver spoon. This hints at the presence of health benefits of the Silver.

Today even scientific researchers have found evidence supporting this possibility. It is an antimicrobial agent, promotes internal heat regulation, helps balance mood, enhances body energy levels, helps maintain emotional balance, reflects E.M. radiation, and helps avoid toxic substances and much more.

5.   Highly Versatile

You would not have any problem styling your silver pendant with any of your clothes from ethnic to western. Unlike Gold, It works for all skin colours if you are conscious of whether it suits your skin colour.

6.   Wide Range Of Options

The only problem with the gold pendants is the limited variety of options; this problem is solved with Silver. As the Silver is easy to mould, this is the reason why you find a wide range of variety in Silver that too in very fine designs.

7.    Lightweight

Silver is comparatively lightweight than Gold. This makes it more preferable to choose the silver pendant as you can wear it for a long period without feeling its presence.

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