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What Are Different Indian Silver Jewellery Design Techniques?

You can see abundant attractive Silver Jewellery online. But do you know different kinds of jewellery design techniques? If not, this is the right time to find that out. 

Meenakari Technique

This technique is also called Mina Kari or Meena Kari. This is one of the most famous types of silver jewellery design techniques. This is an art of embellishing or painting vibrant colours in theatrical flowers, leaves, motifs of birds, and paisleys, etc. Jewellery painting is an old and highly adopted technology in India and various other parts of the world, most of its history used in decorative and jewellery states how ancient this technique is. Silver jewellery enamels have been around us since the 18th century. That time it was used for steel sinks, cooking vessels, cast-iron bathtubs etc. It can be seen on some appliances, laundry machines, dishwashers, and refrigerators, and on various signage and marker boards. Varnishing is a kind of allochromatic glass that contains iron oxide, quartz sand, borax (flux), and potassium oxide (potash). These elements create a translucent and colourless fondant after heating at between 700oC and 900oC temperatures. Their overabundance of colours is traditional by adding different metal chlorides or oxides.

After crushing and washing these materials thoroughly, a fondant or hydrated mass is formed, which is applied to clean and appropriate metal.


Jadau Technique

This technique is a bit complicated and requires a whole workers’ team; each one of them must have skills to work very well. It takes a lot of time to make and set this kind of silver jewellery and adding 4-5 stones could take a whole day. Each worker is assigned a specific task. Jadau is an old engraved silver jewellery technique and has been specifically practised in Western India, such as Rajasthan and Gujarat, since the times of Mughals. It is worn predominantly during festivals and other events like wedding, engagements.

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Tarkashi Technique

This, 500 years old technique is pretty famous in entire India. This technique is performed by local artists on the Eastern shorelines of India. The silver jewellery tracery artists use an alloy of pure or 90% silver to make an attractive design. First, they inflame the silver and place it into a small pot made of clay, and the two are then put into a hot coal bucket. The temperature is controlled with the help of a bellows that is completely hand-operated by a maverick. The melting process can take 10 minutes, and then the liquid silver is dispensed into a rod-like, small mould and then cooled by plunging the bar in the water directly. After that, it is positioned into a machine that will compress the rod into a thin and long wire. This tiresome and physically challenging procedure had been done conventionally by hands and took at least two men to crack the crank. Now we have various machines to perform the same technique.

So next time, when you buy Silver Jewellery Collections Online, look for these techniques to buy something traditional.


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