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Different Western Clothes To Wear With Silver Jhumka

There is the massive popularity of Silver Jewellery online. Even you have a fantastic piece of silver jewellery that you are patiently waiting to wear. Wait… You don’t know how to wear your silver jhumka with western dresses? Not anymore. We have listed some amazing tips for wearing silver jhumka with various western clothes.

Explore below.


Jumpsuit gives you that bossy look. Nothing can go wrong when you pair it with a shiny silver jhumka. You can also wear some beautiful and long pearl garlands to get that iconic look you always wanted. Jhumka with a jumpsuit gives you a little late 80’s feel. Regardless of the colour, silver jhumka is just perfect to pair with a jumpsuit.

Casual Shrug

Those office parties where you eat, dance, and have the most fun are not complete without a perfect outfit and accessory. Whether you are wearing a dress or top, pair it with a beautiful and sheer shrug. To add that party vibes, we have silver jhumka for you. From small to big, any kind of silver jhumka will look amazing with a shrug, especially when you are wearing it over a short dress.

Black dress and shrug are the best to match with your silver jhumka.

pure silver jhumkas pure silver jhumkas

Short little dress

There are abundant types of dresses out there. Cold shoulder, sleeveless, tube, etc., doesn’t matter which dress you are wearing, just match it with an elegant jhumka. If you have sequins on your dress, quickly grab your silver jhumka and wear it. You can also enhance the entire looks with shimmery eyeshadow. Choose silver glitters so that everything complements each other.  

Bohemian Jacket & Jeans

It’s no brainer that you get the perfect boho look with silver jhumkas, and if you already have a bohemian jacket & jeans, silver jhumka is the one for you. You can go for oxidised Silver Jhumka that looks amazing appearance. You look fierce with a bohemian outfit and silver jhumka.  


Long skirt, short skirt, or any other skirt in this world, nothing can beat silver jhumkas. Silver jhumkas look beautiful with any kind of skirt. Whether you have solid, floral, big patterns, or a shimmery skirt, just pair it with silver jhumkas. If you are wearing an ethnic skirt for some special Indian occasion, pair it with silver jhumkas, a necklace, and rings. You can also wear silver anklets as well. So no matter what type of skirt you are wearing, pair it with silver jhumka to look as gorgeous as you should.   

There are different designs of silver jhumkas such as flower, Lakshmi, coined, etc. You can pick any of these designs and match them with your western outfit. If your budget is a bit tight for pure silver jhumkas, try 925 or 92.5% or sterling silver jewellery as it’s pocket-friendly and available in various designs. 

Now take out your favourite jhumkas and grab any western outfit from your closet and wear them like a queen.

If you haven’t bought any yet, it’s time to shop for the best Silver Jewellery online.  

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