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Get a Cooler Look By Wearing a Silver Nose Pin

The matter of purchasing Silver Jewelry online isn’t only for women. Now, men choose silver jewellery to get a classy look. Among the best silver nose pin online, there are various designs that can enhance the overall look.

Zilvercraft has a range of silver nose ring choices that you can choose from. We have Arya nose pin, Om nose pin, temple nose pin, Mayura nose pin, Durga nose pin, palm nose ring, bunny nose ring, pear nose ring, and much more stylish ranges. You can find every style of nose ring from the stage of Zilvercraft, whether you want to add boldness, sexiness, or sophistication.

That tiny-looking nose pin or ring can literally make anyone look charming.

Apart from the beauty, wearing a silver nose ring has many health benefits. If you ever want to have a chic look, choose the right silver jewellery for yourself. However, Zilvrecraft brings up a classy range of silver jewellery such as silver nose rings, bracelets, bangles, rings, anklets, and many more.

How to wear silver nose rings in the most stylish way?

A silver nose ring can literally glorify the look, whether you pair it up with a traditional dress, western attire, Kurti, or even office look, it can make every of your look just “WOW”.

Here are a few most popular nose piercing styles where you can wear nose rings.

 Silver Nose Pin Online

  1. You can have a piercing on the left or right side of your nostril to wear a stylist nose ring, pin, or stud. Such studs or pins can make the whole look glamorous.
  2. Another idea is, you can pierce your nose’s bottom skin, which is called the septum. This will make you look cool and bubbly.
  3. You can also piece at the bone of the nose or in the cartilage. It is usually done horizontally on your nose and called a high nostril area for piercing and wearing a nose ring.
  4. Piercing that done across the nose bridge is called bridge piercing or ERL.
  5. Another one is the Austin bar, which passes through the nasal tip and doesn’t include the septum.
  6. Rhino piercing is also known as vertical tip piercing and it is even a rare type of piercing. It also includes a curved barbell which can be chosen as a straight bar.  
  7. The last and most chosen one is the Nasallang piercing which passes through the nostrils and the septum.    


Among all of the above ideas of piercing, you can choose any part for piercing and wear extremely stylish nose rings or pins.

Zilvercraft has remained the centre hub for authentic Silver Jewelry online for the last many years. And now, when you want to purchase silver nose rings, studs, or pins, we can definitely be your perfect make-over store.

Whether you want to make your college look a little sassy or a party look a bit bold, our collection of nose rings can fulfil all your deep down desires.

Purchase some of the evergreen noses rings today from our trusted silver jewellery store.


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