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How do you make silver jewellery everlasting?

Have you bought a new Silver Jewellery onlineCongratulations!

But, do you know how to make it look new for eternity? If not, explore the following tips:

What do the digits say?

The thumb of silver jewellery is to check the rating ratio. It must be .950 or .925. The difference between these two is the quantity of silver. .950 has more silver than .925, which makes it necessary to polish .950 silver consistently. You might not need to polish .925 silver as its sturdy material preserves its shine. You also don’t have to clean the .925 silver much and require minimal care.

If you are unsure about the silver ratio, consult your jeweller. That’s the reason why we recommend our clients to advocate the silver jewellery before making the final purchase. 

With precise knowledge and care, you can make your silver piece last a lifetime and beyond.

Dry Silver Is Good Silver

Remember: pure water will never damage silver. It’s the contaminated water that we come in contact with on a daily basis, especially in the most polluted stated such as Delhi, Gujrat, M.P., etc., where hard water can damage your silver jewellery and tarnish it in no time. Contaminants and chemicals present in water can lead to dullness, so it’s better to know the hardness of your tap water and save your jewellery from it. 

Swimming pool: Take off the silver jewellery before jumping into the pools and damaging it with the harshness of chlorine. In case you forgot to do it, rinse the jewellery with clean water. 

Shower: Never shower with any jewellery on you. Whether it’s silver, gold, diamond, or anything else, shower water ruins them all.

Hot Spring: The sulphur in the hot spring can bring havoc to your precious silver piece. Unless you want the dark oxidised look, avoid it by all means.


Pro tip:

Chemicals present in perfumes and lotions can also damage the jewellery. So make sure to apply them first, let it dry, and then wear your favourite silver piece.


Managed Storage: Never store your silver jewellery with other jewellery. You will mess-up everything by storing all your jewels in the same box or place. Add separations or put them in the different boxes so that they can’t come in contact with each other. 

Silver Jewellery Collections Online

Know when is the time to take off your jewels

We know how much you love to be accessorised, but there are times when you need to take it off.

Sweat, chemicals, perspiration, and harsh sunlight can corrode and tarnish shiny silver jewellery.

Avoid taking any chances. Take the necessary preventions to safeguard your silver jewellery.

Remove your jewellery when:

  • Doing household chores like laundry, dishes, or using any cleaning supply.
  • Exercising, playing sports, or working out at the gym
  • In saunas, swimming pool, hot tubs
  • At hot places such as pool or beach
  • Applying lotion or face cream or makeup
  • Cooking, preparing food, or eating food that has sulphur (mayonnaise or eggs)
  • Doing outdoor chores such as gardening

Buying the best Silver Jewellery online isn’t enough, you will have to implement the above tips for wearing these superb pieces for years or even pass them on to your kids.


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