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How to Organise Your Silver Jewellery?

Buying the best Silver Jewellery online is the dream of every girl, but when it comes to handling and organising each piece, it could take a lot of efforts. To ensure you can manage your silver jewellery or any kind of jewellery the right and easiest way, we have listed some tremendous ideas.

Explore them right below.

Pick your drawer

Small or big, wooden or metal, pick any drawer you can. You can also choose the showy tabletop drawers where you can easily clutter all your jewellery collection. You can decide which jewellery items you want to place on the drawer and place only the ones that you wear on a daily basis. So while leaving home, all you will do is just grab what you need and get going.

Less is not more

Who says you need to keep things minimalistic? If you have similar kinds of jewellery pieces, placing them in different compartment is the best idea. Be it a tray or dish or acrylic makeup storage box, put all your pieces together. You can also get some creativity by making these jewellery pieces displayed on your dressing table and adding all your extensive collection to your tabletop.

Add some velvet

Get that royal feel with velvet cloth. Whether you are using a drawer or dish for your jewellery, make it look even better with a nice velvet cloth. I personally like blue or red velvet cloth because it makes pieces of jewellery such as 925 silver bangles and bracelets shine even better. You can choose any colour for your collection and get fancy with velvet cloth.

silver bracelet 


You might have seen it in many movies. Placing jewellery in a dish is a no new trend. Our mothers and grandmothers have been putting their pieces of jewellery in fine dishes. You can choose a bone-china or ceramic one as well. There are various options available out there when it comes to choosing the best jewellery dish. You can pick a big one, or the small one will do the winders as well. The choice is all yours.  

Get it all together

Ring, bracelet, anklet, or any other piece of jewellery you have, get it all together. You can use a hanger for placing all your jewellery items together. It will give you a colourful vibe, and your dressing area will look attractive as well.

silver bracelet

Make it a décor

Your jewellery can become a piece of art as well. You can make it your home décor element by choosing various jewellery organising ideas such as spreading them on the compartments or letting them hang out of the bowl. While doing all of this, ensure that no jewellery pieces are tangled. Make sure that each piece is placed separately, and you can easily pick it whenever you want.

So which one did you like the most? You can do as many experiments with your jewellery pieces as you want. Pick any of the above ideas or simply invent your unique one. 

Get your jewellery managed now!


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