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Major Silver Jewellery Myths You Must Know

Silver jewellery has been a big part of Indian culture. With time, jewellery retailing has transformed from local stores to silver jewellery online shopping. As the popularity of silver jewellery grows, the myths and misunderstandings about it keep on growing as well.

To help you understand the difference between truth and myth, we have listed the following information.

Sterling silver is the pure silver

There is a huge difference between pure silver and sterling silver. While both silvers use a high percentage of pure silver, sterling silver contains 92.5% pure silver with 7.5% other alloying materials (generally copper). Just like other precious jewellery metals such as gold, pure silver is also soft in its purest natural form, which makes it difficult to carve it into different designs. So to increase the hardness of pure silver, a small number of other metals are added to make silver jewellery wearable. Normally, sterling silver jewellery is 925 hallmarked, and pure silver is 999 hallmarked. So by checking the hallmark, you can see whether you are buying a piece of sterling silver jewellery or pure silver jewellery.

925 silver bracelets

Silver jewellery can turn black

It’s true that silver is not 100% resistant to oxidization. However, silver tarnishing is not as often as in other pieces of jewellery. Like any other metal, silver tarnishes over the years and can increase if it is exposed to certain non-suitable conditions such as wearing daily, showering with the jewellery, etc. Besides, it’s easier to regain the shine of silver jewellery by using the silver polishing product.

Argentium silver is proving all these claims wrong as it is called the highest-quality silver alloy. The perfect quantity of metalloid germanium prevents tarnishing and general wear & tear. You can find various silver jewellery items out there which are made of this material and will provide you with the expected durability. 

Silver is low-quality metal

Not exactly!

Silver jewellery has proven to be a valuable ornament not only in the present but in the past as well. Many Indian queens, kings, prince and princesses were obsessed with the beauty of silver jewellery. There has been an immense love for silver jewellery in history, and currently, all men & women are loving 925 silver bracelets jewellery even more. Not only pieces of jewellery but silver was also used in various weapons. Hence, you get a strong and fierce feel with that as well. There is a variety of silver jewellery which ranges from lowest to highest prices.

Silver Jewellery Online

Silver’s malleability makes it soft

As we discussed earlier, purest silver is soft and requires some alloys to be added to make it last longer and stronger. Sterling silver is the major reason why silver is gaining popularity. With the introduction of sterling silver in your jewellery collection, you can increase your possibilities of wearing attractive silver jewellery every day.

Now you know the whole truth about Silver Jewellery.  

So keep the myths away while buying the best Silver Jewellery online.

Go ahead and make your purchase for the beautiful silver jewellery right now.


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