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Reliable Hacks To Increase Life Of Your Favourite Silver Jewellery

Women and jewellery, these two words have an undeniable connection! Again, women of all ages around the world have a special affinity for silver jewellery because it's a versatile glossy metal, and second, it's fairly affordable. But before you buy Online Silver Jewellery, there is always one thing to worry about. It is "how to clean properly". For years, people have been thinking about the best way to take care of handmade silver jewellery. Now the suggestions are here!

10 Ways to Care and Care for Silver Jewellery:

Before going into the details of you need to know that silver is a soft metal and can discolour if handled carelessly. The characteristics of Silver Necklace Set also depend on sterling. For this reason, regular maintenance is very important to get the perfect shine. Here's how to care for your silver jewellery:

Silver Bangle Bracelets

  • Avoid contact with chemicals

 Acids and sulfur-containing substances such as eggs, mayonnaise and onion juice can easily discolour silver. Avoid contact with these substances that are reactive to silver.

  • Powder and Packing

If your jewellery has been exposed to sweat or water for a long time, it is recommended to cover it with powder and pack it airtightly. Proper powder and packaging help to preserve the shine of the silver jewellery for longer years. If you already have a black shadow, it's best to polish it lightly.

  • Keep away from perfume spray

Do not wear a nice neckpiece or spray perfume. This can cause the decoration to turn black and become prone to discolouration. If you accidentally spray the perfume, apply the powder immediately.

  • Avoid scratches from sharp objects

People often make mistakes when using sharp objects to clean the edges of silver gems. This creates some scratches that can damage the metal. It is always safer to use a soft cloth for proper cleaning.

  • Track the grain 

Do not rub the ring on the grain or use a soft brush. This not only loosens the polish but also damages the metal.  Make sure you don’t put too much pressure while using the brush. Instead, lightly swipe the decoration to clean it.

  • Immerse yourself in a salt bath

This is one of the true and traditional methods that work for most handmade jewellery without gems. This method provides effective cleaning results without causing wear. Take enough warm water to cover the silver jewellery and add salt (the ratio should be a ratio of 1-part salt to 5 parts water). Store overnight and remove from water in the morning. Looks like new!

  • Olive Oil and Lemon

Polish a little at home to instantly shine and protect the silver from unwanted damage. Pour a few drops of olive oil into the lemon wedge and gently rub the ring. This also extends the shelf life of the product.

Need more information? Ordering silver jewellery from a genuine online shop like zilvercraft provides all the additional commands and requirements for caring for custom made jewellery. Try the above silver maintenance tips to preserve the durability of your favourite silver jewellery. Check out our website to know the latest designs of Silver Bangle Bracelets and offers on other varieties.


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