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Silver Jewellery Ideas to Buy on This Dhanteras

We worship elements and money in India on the day of Dhanteras. It is also believed that buying elements such as Gold or Silver on this auspicious day brings luck and prosperity to life. So, purchase amazing Silver Jewellery online on this Dhanteras and greet the goddess Laxmiji to your house and in your life.

Purchasing Gold in the current time could be tough for many people as the price of gold, is touching the sky, but Silver is a pocket-friendly purchase. You can buy Pure silver earrings for girls online, silver bangles, silver bracelets, silver anklets, and many such silver jewellery to make your occasion more joyous. If you are also finding out some of the best silver jewellery collections, you may find some beautiful ideas in this blog post.

Zilver Craft is one of the most suitable spots from where you can start the purchase of different types of silver jewellery.

We also offer free delivery throughout India and offer many more perks if you become our regular customer.

We sell different types of silver jewellery which includes necklaces, bangles, bracelets, anklets, earrings, and a lot more that you may be wandering everywhere else.

Years ago, people would choose to buy silver coins as an omen or blessing. But, instead of buying a silver coin, why not choose something that you can wear for many years to come?!!!

So, what will you choose to buy on this Dhanteras?

Blissful silver bangles

Silver Jewelry Online

No matter how modern we become, but we always wear that “16 Shringhars” that give approval of feminism. Women prefer to pair up a complete traditional attire & ornaments at festival times. In ancient times, they believed to wear silver ornaments on body parts below the waist such as legs and leg fingers, but not on any part of the body above the waist.

Everyone has their own beliefs but it is not wrong to say that silver bangles have become the most common attraction during the current time.

It goes perfectly well with all types of dresses, saree, indo-western, western, salwar-kameez, or even on some funky styles.

Extremely alluring nose rings

Married women have to wear nose rings as it comes in that “16 Shringhars”. Though we all are above such beliefs and we set our own rules to live life in our own style and wear whatever we find comfortable. But, wearing a nose ring is again becoming a heartthrob for girls. The delicacy and highlight it offers to the nose and the face makes it the most chosen jewellery.

Stylish earrings of jhumkas

There was a time when women wore delicate, studs, and small earrings, but now the thing has changed. The trend says to wear oversized earrings whether you put on studs, earrings, or jhumkas to give weight to your every look. It makes your whole appearance full of lights, whether you wear Kurti, saree, or anything else.


Winding up,

Zilver Craft is a place from where you can start buying Silver Jewellery online. So, start your selection today. 


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