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Stunning Tips To Pick The Best Silver Earrings For Your Face Shape

Earrings are the most common and worn by almost every female to explore the beauty.  In India, wearing earrings from childhood is a tradition and an important part of cultural rituals.  Earrings come in a wide variety of options and features that may cause confusion. Choosing the right pair of earrings can completely change the overall features and look of the face.  Also, it’s important to know the use of earring whether it is suitable for long-term wear or short term wear. 

Earrings are always a great way to add extra beauty to the outfit and face whether it is modern or traditional. Everyone’s face shape and features are unique so, it’s not necessary that any earring can suit everyone’s face.  Most people get confused while choosing the silver earring online whether it will suit or not.  There are many websites that offer a stunning collection of silver earrings for girls but make sure to purchase from the certified and reputed website for the guaranteed product.

Below are the easy and amazing tips to choose the perfect earrings according to the face shape.

  1. Round face.

If you are a chubby cheeky girl with a fuller face then go for a dangler, long drop, hoops or button-shaped ear ring. This will make the face look slimmer and enhance the face cut beautifully.

  1. Long and narrow face.

If you have a long and narrow face then go for short to medium size hoops and short danglers. This will highlight and enhance the look of face width.

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  1. Heart-shaped or triangle shape face.

If your forehead is wider than your cheeks and jaw lines then go for chandeliers or jhumkha type earrings to make the proper attention and define the face cut.  Focus on the jawline and avoid choosing triangle shape or heart-shaped earrings.

  1. Square face

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Square shaped refers to where the width of the forehead and jawline are equal. Oval and round-shaped earrings with medium to long lengths work well to define the perfect face shape. Avoid square shaped earrings as it might degrade the overall face look and make look ugly.

  1. Oval shape face

Oval shaped girls are blessed ones because their forehead and cheeks are equally maintained with suitable width. Studs and danglers earrings can overflow you with complement giving astonishing look.  Almost all shape of earrings suits well to oval-shaped face but make sure to choose small to medium size.


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Hope you found the blog interesting and useful in choosing the right earrings suitable for your face shape. The majority of people makes a common mistake always and doesn’t give importance to the face shape and features. Other than face shape, skin colour is also an important factor while choosing the perfect earring pair. Nowadays there are wide ranges of options available in designs, metals and many more. 

Silver has always been the priority choice whether it is an occasion or any event.  Choose zilvercraft for purchasing the purest quality 925 Silver Jewellery Online India at the best reliable price. Our aim is to continue with tradition with the amazing innovations to meet every generation requirements.  Check out our latest offers and flattering silver earrings collection today and grab yours before the stock expires.


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