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How to wear Silver Jewellery with gold jewellery?

You might have bought the best silver jewelry online, but do you know how to make it work with gold jewellery?

If not, you are in the right place. Today, we will share some amazing ideas that will allow you to wear your favourite silver pieces with the gold ones without ruining the metals.

So explore them right now! 

Choose a solid bridge piece:

A bridge piece is a kind of jewellery that is already composed of various metals. By wearing the combination of materials, you can wear any other metals piece. You can wear a watch for a simple solution but don’t forget to combine it with other items such as bracelets, ring, necklace, and many other things.

Learn about various layers:

If you want an alternative to the bridge piece, create your personal one. Just stack multicoloured bracelets or necklace layers to add the same look like a bridge piece in case you don’t own one. Quick suggestions: it works with other materials apart from metals such as stone cuffs, leather pieces, or rings. Layer one material or metal over another to quickly hack for not having a perfect bridge size piece.

Easy highlight:

You can put this trick simply, but don’t count wedding bands. Any jewellery you bought from your favourite jewellery shop needs to be considered while planning your outfit and relatable accessories. The same goes with other metals stitched to your clothing – buttons, hinges, zippers, buckles – you just name one. For example, if your jacket has silver buttons, get ready for gold jewellery. If that’s what you do not feel like doing, overlook it when planning your entire look for the wedding.

Silver Jewellery Collections Online

Combine style instead of shades:

The biggest trick to wear silver and gold jewellery together is to fit the overall outfit style. If you have a casual outfit, keep the jewellery even more casual. If you are choosing to add a little bit more glam, dress it up properly. This way, you can ensure that your jewellery fits a certain occasion or mood instead of a certain colour.

Symmetry is the key:

Nobody is saying that you need to wear the same number of items or that you should start counting on how many colours you are putting together. This tip will ensure that an even ratio will blend metals and materials together. In case you have a silver necklace over a blouse or a dress with golden buttons, take a hint of gold in the shoes and go with a silver buckle.

Here comes the best tip of all the time

Trend changes every day and often affects our fashion world, including jewellery. The changing collection and designs of numerous metals and styles could confuse anyone. Remember that ultimately the choice is yours. No matter how many tips you get from us or anyone else, the decision is yours, and it’s all up to you.

Do you need something new in your jewellery collection? Visit a famous Silver Jewellery online store and explore various available designs and styles.

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