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How to wear a silver waist chain the right way?

Have a big occasion soon? Do you want to be the life of that occasion? Do you want to be the epitome of wearing jewellery perfectly? If your answer to all these questions is a ‘Yes,’ you need to buy a perfect silver waist chain from a famous silver jewellery online store.

Whether you are wearing a lehenga, saree, or Indian-western fusion, a waist chain is a go-to, and you can flaunt it to show your beauty.

The traditional waist chains are made of silver, but you can also find them in gold. It’s a fashion everywhere, and some are buying a silver chain along with their special apparel. But before you give any silver waist chain a try, it’s worth exploring the following details.

Why is the waist chain so popular?

Waist chains are not something new. There has been the biggest part of Indian tradition and so history.

Following are the major reasons behind the popularity of waist chains:

  • These are radiant and incomparable when it comes to matching the feminine charm
  • Waist chains could be simple yet beautiful at the same time. You can find waist chains in a variety of designs, such as multilayer, single, and double waist chains.
  • Waist chains are pain-free accessories for which you don’t need to do any piercing or need to tuck with a bulk of pins. Just wear silver jewellery in the right way and be free to flaunt.
  • You can enhance it with a waist key chain.

These are not always expensive, especially when you are buying them from a reliable and trustworthy Handcrafted Silver 925 Jewelry store.

Silver Jewellery Collections Online

But how can I choose & wear a waist chain?

Go for the one that matches your choice. Consider your outfit, personality, and the occasion for which you are preparing, and it will lead you to the right waist chain.

  • Bear in mind that the waist chain is 2 inches bigger than the side of your waist (so measure your waist before buying a waist chain).
  • Wrap the chain around your waist and
  • Wrap the chain around your waist and lock the clasp

How to pair it with Saree and Lehenga?

There’s no rocket science pairing your favourite waist chain with a lehenga or saree.

Any chain would look marvellous with both saree and lehenga. However, you might need to consider the shade of the outfit. For example, if you have a saree in a golden shade, wearing a silver waist chain might not be a good idea, but if you are wearing silver jewellery with it, nothing is better than a silver waistline chain.

You can wear the chain behind the pallu or over it. It depends on your comfort level.

One thing you must consider is that locking the waist chain could lead to pain and rashes. So make sure that your chain is tight enough to stay in place and loose enough to allow you to sit properly.  

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So pick your silver waist chain and other items now!


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