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How not to tarnish your silver jewellery?

Silver is stunning, and you can find numerous designs of silver jewellery online. However, you have to take the best care of your silver jewellery, and if you don’t do it, your silver jewellery could tarnish. Read ahead to know how not to tarnish your silver jewellery.

Factors that tarnish the silver jewellery

When you buy silver jewellery, you will notice that a black coating will cover its surface after a few months. This is called tarnish. The tarnish is nothing but a natural reaction of silver with various substances.

It is some kind of corrosion but nothing like rust. Some people buy silver jewellery and let it tarnish because of their raw appearance. The reason behind this is that it doesn’t destroy the metal and can be removed.

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How to prevent silver tarnishing?

You can’t prevent silver tarnish because the metal reacts with not only one but multiple environment materials, some of which are present in the air.

For say, silver gets tarnished with some kinds of foods (salad dressings), tap water, perfume, cloth fabric (wool), etc.

So what to do? – Well, surely you can’t stop silver tarnishing, but the process can be slowed down.

Handling Tarnishing

  • First, start with cleaning your silver jewellery after taking it off from your body. Oils from your body can oxidise the metal.
  • Wash your jewellery with warm water gently, and then dry with a soft cloth.
  • You can also go for regular silver jewellery polishing. Just use a polishing cloth to clean silver jewellery when you see the first sign of tarnishing.
  • You can also reach the nearby jeweller to puff your jewellery.
  • You can also reduce the contact of your silver jewellery with the elements which are tarnishing it. For that, you must never wear silver jewellery while bathing, washing dishes, or clothes.
  • Moreover, never wear silver jewellery while cooking.
  • Avoid wearing silver jewellery with wool clothing.

How to Clean Silver Tarnish?

If it’s already too late and your silver jewellery is tarnished, use silver polish to remove the black layer. You can also find some effective tarnish-removing creams out there.

Silver tarnish is a natural process which can’t be stopped. Therefore, no matter from which Silver Jewellery online store you have bought your jewellery, you have to take some safety precautions for slowing down the tarnish.


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