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Follow These Tips To Keep Your Silver Jewellery Long-Lasting

Do you love to slay with silver jewellery on every occasion? Whether it’s a traditional outfit or a modern ethnic outfit, Silver Jewellery Online has always been on the hottest trend among all the age groups of women because of its wild and versatile look.  Shopping for alluring pieces of silver jewels is always fun and exciting but maintaining and preventing the silver jewellery from tarnishing can be a little bit tough for someone with a busy schedule. You may lose the shine of the silver jewellery if you don’t take care in the right way. But worry no more, in this blog; we will discuss easy silver maintenance tips that can help in maintaining your favorite silver jewellery for years.

Follow these to keep your silver jewellery always shining:

1) Dry silver is always the happy silver.

Water can be the enemy for the silver though normal purified water might not damage the silver but chemically treated or exposed water may contain contaminants in water and may cause silver to tarnish and make it look dull. So, ensure to remove the silver jewellery before going for a shower, swimming, hot tubs, and spring baths. Swimming pool water usually contains chlorine and can damage the silver jewellery. Also, make sure to remove the silver jewellery when applying creams and perfume. Make sure the lotions and perfume dry completely before you wear the silvers.

2) Good storage always prolongs a longer silver life.

Exposure to extra moisture and heat always damages any metals so, it’s always a good idea to store the silver jewellery in an air-tight container or air-tight bags to prevent tarnishing. Also, keep the silver jewellery in separate bags to prevent tangling and scratching. You can use silica gel packets for anti-tarnishing properties.

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3) Know when to take off the silver jewellery.

If you love your favorite 925 Silver Bracelets or ring then don’t forget to take off when you are doing any household works, exercising, or gym. Sweating can make silver jewellery dull and tarnish earlier.

4) Polish regularly for pretty silver.

Silver can be delicate and requires proper care to preserve its shine but it can still get dirty, no matter how hard we try to clean it. Clean silver jewellery with soft microfiber cloth and rub upside down properly to remove the hidden dirt.

5) Clean with DIY cleanser

Instead of using harsh cleansers, you can clean your silver jewellery with the amazing DIYs at home. There are various DIY cleansers that work brilliantly for restoring the silver jewellery shine.

  • Water+ baking soda.
  • Dishwasher +water.

No fancy cleaning methods, just clean the silver jewellery with a normal brush and liquid and dry with microfiber cloth and see your favorite silver jewellery blooming.


Sterling silver care doesn’t have to be confusing; its shine can be easily preserved with the right methods and techniques.  Caring and maintenance is the essential part of anything to preserve its longevity. Follow the above tips to prolong the beauty of your silver jewellery and keep slaying always.

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